Fast way to share text from commandline

If you want to share text you can do it with and then inside your .bash-aliases or similar define a function like


haste () {                                                                                                                              
        curl -X POST -s -d "$a" $HASTE_SERVER/documents | awk -F '"' -v haste_server=$HASTE_SERVER '{ print haste_server"/"$4 }'

If you want to share somefile from commandline with

cat somefile | haste

and it will respond with e.g

that points to the shared text from somefile. To get text down into a localfile again do

curl > somefile

and your have a local version of that file.

Notice that you should not share important information with this tool as it is not secure.

Like/dislike journal when working as developer

In this post I will keep a list on what I like and dislike when working as a developer over the last month. Be aware that I in this month startet in a new team and company.


Chose my own equipment

Chose my own software

Chosen when to work remote

Chose together with my team who should run meetings

Learn online

Learn from collegues

Work with a new framework

Deploy my own code

Update status online in writtimg

Test driven development



Status meetings

Handle deployments with changes that I did not do

Tedious release cycles

Execute commands that should have been automated