Web Dev — Windows(Native/WSL), Mac-OSX or Linux? | by Auquan | auquan | Medium

Recently at Auquan, I had to make a choice between Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems. It took me a few weeks to try out all the operating systems and and there were quite a few factors that…
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A Dance with Protocols: Kotlin, Spring and Protocol Buffers in Action | by Benedikt Jerat | Digital Frontiers — Das Blog | Medium

Using a binary format for service-to-service communication is quite straightforward with the chosen technology stack of Protocol Buffers, Kotlin and the Spring Framework.
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How to Convert Gradle build to Maven and Maven to Gradle in a simple way? | by Maheshwar Ligade | techwasti | Medium

If you are a java developer then you are very much familiar with these two build tools and most of you are using either of the tools in day-to-day work. In this article, you will come to know how you…
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