How to use TDD together with Git

When you dont know the requirements its hard to write a test. If you start implement the what you know and along the way you will probably discover new requirements. When you have a better understanding of the requirements. write the test, then I suggest to try to stash your prototype implementation and do write a new and better implementation. Inspired by Use Git tactically

Why deadlines and sprints are bad for you | by Antti | Medium

In a software development project, it’s important to find a suitable process for the project. A good process helps developers, managers, customers and users. A great process should improve the…
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Scrum is a learning framework not a planning tool

I see that most people perceive the scrum framework as a planning tool. I think that it is wrong and I think it is a learning tool. You create a plan in order to learn new stuff when something did not happen according to the plan.

This is also supported be the agile manifesto that states you should “Responding to change over following a plan”

Goal and reaching a deadline

During my work as a scrummaster I had a talk with my product owner about a continuous delivery epic with the following goals: 5 releases a sprint, 0 bugs found in production and 0 roll backs during a sprint.

The product owner asked how long it would take to reach these goals and I replied I don’t know and then product owner concluded that the epic was not well defined.

Is this true?

I don’t think so, because when a deadline is reached you measure up againts the goals. If the goal is not reached we define further action to reach the goals and maybe define a new deadline. The point is that I do not think time is important when you define a task.